Barrel Aged Stoopid Stout Release

Barrel Aged Stupid Stout

Coronado Brewing is getting into the barrel aged game with their first Coronado Collection release of 2014, their Barrel Aged Stoopid Stout. The release is set for January 23rd at their tasting room located on Knoxville St. Bottles will be 2 per person, $14.99 a piece, and with only 240 bottles being released, I expect an early line. Along with the bottles being released, you will also be able to sample it in both taster and half pint sized portions. No growler fills will be available with a beer so limited as this. Tasting room opens at 11am. More info could be found on their Facebook page.

Coronado Brewing Tasting Room

1205 Knoxville St

San Diego, CA 92110

11a-9p (on 1/23/14)



Stone Winter Storm 2012

The new tradition of heading over to Stone Brewing Company before the Superbowl took its second anniversary for us beer geeks. We met up with a lot of our twitter friends: Cesar, Ken, Tony, Dante, and even got to meet Becker of @beckerink (sorry if I was awkward. It’s not you, its me). While it did take a while for the bartenders to get to us, the reward was well worth the wait. Ended up doing two flights of 4 beers (each 4oz) to split between my dad and I. Should have eaten before as didn’t purchase a beer below 8% ABV.


We started off the way of the stout and went with the Barrel Aged 12th Anniversary Bitter Oatmeal Stout, 2008 Barrel Aged Imperial Russian Stout, 2002 Imperial Russian Stout, and 15th Anniversary Double Dry “Hopped” with Espresso Beans. All were fantastic. I found the 2002 to be overly oxidized and well past its prime, the 15th was excellent with the roasty espresso really playing nicely with the hopped up Black IPA. 12th Anniversary Stout was nice, maybe I was expecting more, but well off, and the 2008 Barrel Aged Stout? Well maybe my favorite Stone beer that they make. Needless to say after these four, the buzz was coming.


Second flight went towards the strong ale/barley wine route: 2008 Old Guardian aged in Red Wine Barrels, 2006 Double Bastard aged in Brandy Barrels, Stonewall, and 8th Anniversary. Pictured below (one is missing), all these were pretty amazing. Liked the Double Bastard over the Old Guardian, but only by a tad. Stonewall, Stones’ strongest beer to date, is tasting pretty good right now, and I likely wouldn’t be holding onto it much longer if you happen to have it. The 8th Anniversary was a new one entirely for me, brewed by Lee Chase, and it has held up nicely for an Imperialized Mild (sounds like a weird style right?).


Our gracious friends had offered some samples out of bottles like Sawyers Triple and StoneWall, so we contributed with a 2007 Imperial Russian Stout. It blew most people away, and really tasting fabulous. Having had a 2008 version only a week prior, the 3-5 year range on these stouts is where I like them the most.


Dad got a pic with Stone Greg (he said he’s retiring the “Greg Face”) . My dad is not letting it die.


Some random people who wanted a pic. If you happen to be these people, let me know if you want the big uncompressed version


Would just like to thank Stone Brewing for putting on this awesome event. Great beer on a beautiful sunday afternoon, and with the awesome company of people who I’ve gotten to meet over twitter and this site.

Cheers to Stone and great friends!

-Manny O.