Pliny The Younger – 2015 Shitstorm

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If attending the Kiwi Herman release at Alpine a few weeks back was any indication of how craft beer events will go in 2015, I expect an all out shitshow with the highly anticipated release of Russian Rivers’ Pliny the Younger. San Diego is pretty lucky to receive as much Pliny as it does, but even then, you guys swallow it up as if there are not any other Double/Triple IPA options in the double digit ABV range. Having started this tracking thing two years ago, it seems pretty consistent that places that got Pliny last year will again see it this year. However, I do expect more locations to be pretty hush-hush about its tappings along with ticketed events that sold out rather quickly and a lot easier to manage.

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I do not have any kind of insider information. People do email and tweet me with leads and insights, however, don’t blame me when all the bros drank all the Pliny while you were standing in line outside the bar. So here it goes, your annual list of Younger tappings:
(I’ll post the list later), but thought I’d like to get out some preliminary info on a few locations.

O’Briens: Saturday the 14th @5PM and lunch time Tuesday the 17th. There will also be a charity keg that will be tapped on Wednesday the 25th at 5pm. The charity keg will be tickets only, starting to go on sale on Friday the 13th at the pub. Tickets are $20 for a 10oz glass with a max of 2 tickets per person.

Churchills: March 7th for their annual Renaissance festival starting at 11am. Taplist is crazy, expect a line starting early in the morning.

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Pliny the Younger San Diego – 2014 (updating)

February is Younger season! Its the time of year that sees the release of the most anticipated beer made in America. Currently ranked #2 in the world according to, Pliny the Younger is a triple IPA. It’s annual release garners multiple hour waits at its brewpub at the Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, CA. Luckily in San Diego we are lucky to receive a good number of kegs. Most places will be pretty hush-hush about its tappings to avoid madness so do not be alarmed to hear about a keg getting tapped, a pub full, and a blown keg in a matter of minutes. I tried to keep up with news as it came out last year, but sometimes once I hear of a keg going on tap, it was tapped before most were able to make it there. Stone Distributing will be handling Younger this year and kegs according to sources will not be arriving in San Diego until February 18th. Here is a twitter list I put together for the bars listed below.

Here are the places that received kegs last year along with any speculative info about this year:

Toronado2 kegs going on Tuesday, 2/18 at opening, about 400, 10 oz servings. A third keg it will go on Sunday at 11:30am.

Hamiltons Hamiltons announced their PTY tapping for Feb 19 at 3pm. Expect there to be a line of 100+ thirsty patrons. See their post here1 keg blew in 40 minutes.

O’Brien’s: Last year got 3 kegs. 1st keg will go on Saturday the 22nd at 4pm. The charity keg will go on tap on Wednesday the 26th between 5-8pm. Tickets for the charity keg will go on sale on Thursday, the 20th, and is $15 for a 10oz pour. 100% of sales will be going to charity, 2 tickets per person, and cash only. Link to the newsletter can be found here.

Stone World Bistro & Gardens: Received 3 kegs last year. With the addition of Liberty Station I would like to think a keg would make it to Point Loma. Stone keeps their tap list up to date on their website, but did not post anything when their first keg went on. 1st of their kegs went on at their Escondido location 2/18 at 5pm.

San Diego Brewing Co: Sunday 2/23 at noon. The pub opens up at 11am and will begin handing out tickets for fills. One per person.

Neighborhood: Put on a keg at around 3:30pm 2/19, killed by 5:15.

Pizza Port Carlsbad: Single keg last year. Not sure if they will put it up on their draft menu as they do have a tap cam you can check on.

Pizza Port Ocean Beach: Single keg, went on tap without notice.

Pizza Port Solana Beach: Commenter, Scott, with a tip that it will be tapped at 6pm, 2/20.

Pizza Port San Clemente: Keg tapped at noon on 2/19, killed in an hour.

Churchill’s: Younger will be tapped at their annual Renaissance March 1st and noon.  Got the taplist for Renaissance here.  Looks like they will be a bit more strict on the Churchills Finest Hour bottle release. More info as it becomes available on their website.

Blind Lady Ale House: Last two years they have been ticketed events. Follow their Facebook and Twitter feeds for updated info.

Downtown Johnny Brown’s: Not sure how a change of ownership will affect if they get a keg of Younger or not. Last year notified the public via twitter for news of its tapping.

Encinitas Ale House: Used pre-paid tickets (already sold out) for a glass of Younger on Sunday, 2/23 anytime between 12-9pm. If there is any left over, it’ll go on to the public Monday at opening, 4pm.

Tap Room: Going to be tapped for their Anniversary party on February 22nd at 11am. Quite an impressive taplist for that day, more info can be found here.

Urge Gastropub: Received a keg last year and likely without prior notice. They did tweet out when it was put on however. 

Tiger!Tiger!: Like Blind Lady Ale House, a ticketed event. Follow their Facebook and Twitter feeds for more updated news.

Breakwater Brewing: Follow their twitter for notice of its tapping.

Livewire: They put their kegs on without notice, you’ll get it if you’re lucky.

Update log: 02/14/14 00:34am; 02/17/14 17:29; 2/18/14 02:57am; 2/18/14 15:53; 2/18/14 17:37; 2/19/14 13:58; 2/19/14 15:47; 2/20/14 16:57

If anyone has any information regarding a date/time by which Pliny the Younger will be tapped, send me an email to update the list.

Happy Hunting

Exponential Hoppiness 2013

photo (1)

22oz single serving

EH=PH^2. Most of my readers know that equation to Exponential Hoppiness. The biannual release is the most popular beer at Alpine Beer Co. and one of the most coveted. This year’s batch as compared to others seems a little more juicier. No big hop bite, but full of that grapefruity citrus hop flavor. The oak I think also plays a big role as compared to years past. Perhaps the result of extra conditioning time. Would reccomend. 10/10. Thought I missed the boat on Bad Boy this year. They had the nitro version on at the pub. I liked the regular CO2 version better. Also pictured is Token and Nitro BA Odins Raven (non-infected, and really good). I haven’t gotten any Pliny the Younger despite my efforts of tracking the releases, but Expo will do.

Awesome Alpine flight