Rip Current Brewing 1st Anniversary Recap

Congrats to the crew at Rip Current Brewing on their 1st Anniversary. There were 20 beers available on their taps and 2 available via cask. The IPAs were the ones that stood out the most. By far, my personal favorite was the Caught In a Rip IIIPA. As we posted before, we fully believe that Caught In a Rip can compete with Pliny the Younger. See our Pliny the Younger Alternatives post here. Beer Advocate rates Caught In a Rip as Outstanding, and we are in complete agreement. See the tower of our scrumptious tasters.

Caught In a Rip

Caught In a Rip IIIPA by Rip Current Brewing

While Caught In a Rip was the highlight of the event, the most eye-opening beer was the Lupulin Lust IPA. The Rip Current chalkboard captioned the beer with “Big Citrus + Pine / F*CK YEAH.” I nodded my head in approval after the first taste.

Lupulin Lust IPA by Rip Current Brewing

Lupulin Lust by Rip Current Brewing

Mid way through our tasting, we were graciously greeted by Co-Owner Guy Shobe. As a group, we thanked Guy and the staff for brewing quality product, and contributing to the amazing Craft Beer community in San Diego. Guy also intimated that Rip Current should have some big news to announce very soon. We were told that a plan for a North Park tasting room is close to fruition. What exciting news for us craft beer lovers living south of Interstate 8.

While the Rip Current IPAs were quite impressive, their collection of Porters, and Stouts were also very delicious. As seen below, the Vanilla Rescue Buoy, their Vanilla Russian Imperial Stout, was the stand out of the Stout selection. It was a treat to taste the beer side-by-side along the regular Rescue Buoy to see just how the vanilla had imparted a nice sweetness to complement the beers roasty coffee and dark chocolate notes.

Vanilla Rescue Buoy by Rip Current Brewing

Rip Current Vanilla Rescue Buoy Impenetrable by light

Lastly, we’d like to thank Rip Current Brewing for hosting everyone and producing such amazing beers. As a parting gift, each attendee was gifted a bottle of Bourbon Wood Aged Old Man Ale. They hand bottled 332 of the 1st Anniversary brews. Cheers to Rip Current and their continued prosperity.

Cheers to Rip Current's 1st Anniversary

Cheers to Rip Current’s 1st Anniversary


-David E. and Manny O.


Easter Sours

Did this little sour tasting with family over Easter. The Bruery sours were a hit and if I’d to rank them: 1. Rueze 2. Oude Tart 3. Sour In The Rye. The Cuvée de Tomme was a 2011 vintage. Flat, but tasted good. Timmermans was meh, watery, with moderate funk/sour. The Denogginizer was a nice hoppy break.

Exponential Hoppiness 2013

photo (1)

22oz single serving

EH=PH^2. Most of my readers know that equation to Exponential Hoppiness. The biannual release is the most popular beer at Alpine Beer Co. and one of the most coveted. This year’s batch as compared to others seems a little more juicier. No big hop bite, but full of that grapefruity citrus hop flavor. The oak I think also plays a big role as compared to years past. Perhaps the result of extra conditioning time. Would reccomend. 10/10. Thought I missed the boat on Bad Boy this year. They had the nitro version on at the pub. I liked the regular CO2 version better. Also pictured is Token and Nitro BA Odins Raven (non-infected, and really good). I haven’t gotten any Pliny the Younger despite my efforts of tracking the releases, but Expo will do.

Awesome Alpine flight

Beer Review: Alpine Hoppy Birthday

Released 1/17/2012, reviewed on 1/19/12. 1/2 gallon growler picked up at the brewery.

Appearance: Super pale gold/yellow. Only a tad darker than your standard blonde/golden ale.  Head retention is great, but small to begin with.

Smell: Deep citrus: mango, pineapple, some apricot notes. Definitely hop forward.

Taste: Big dose of American and west coast style hops. Juice flavors rounded by a piney-like sharp finish. Finishes very dry, little to no malt backbone, only providing a slick and crisp flavor. Malt is of light biscuits.

Overall: Hoppy, crisp, dry, juicy. As an american pale ale, it hits all of its strides in being very light, crisp, and refreshing brew packed with serious hop flavor. Perfect session beer. A+. Get it while you can.


Manny O

Beer Review: Deschutes – The Abyss

Purchased at Kn’B Wine Cellars in Del Cerro. $14.99 / 22 oz bottle.

Reviewed on Jan 7th 2012, bottle with a best after date of Aug 4th, 2012.

Malt Beverage with Black Strap Mollasess, licorice and cherry bark and vanilla added. 6% aged in oak bourbon barrels, 11% in oak barrels, and 11% in oak wine barrels.

Apperance: Black as night, Absolutely no light entering nor exiting the darkness that is The Abyss. Head is of a tight creamy like consistency. Mocha, brown-like head, and one of the darkest I’ve found on a beer. Lacing is excellent, clinging to every corner of the glass as I swirl it to agitate and coax the aroma.

Smell: Is of smokey roasted malt. Definently of the “roasty/toasty” variety. Very chocolate covered espresso bean like with a bittering like roast quality. Oak is subtle yet noticeable. Not picking much of the licorice and vanilla. Cherry bark addition while not upfront is a likely contributing factor to the smokiness.

Taste: Excellent, well balanced for a fresh imperial stout like this one that is even drank before its best after date. Hops are neutral in flavor, but add a bitterness, and welcomed balancing aide. Licorice is more noticeable on the palate finishing with a spicy like quality. Subtle sweet chocolate hits you on the initial taste.

Mouthfeel: Spot on, just the right consitency bringing you this full bodied beer but without enough carbonation to lift the beer and not become a syrupy mess.

Overall: A true treat and one of the more sought after ales in this barrel aged stout category. It has all the stylistic elements you come to expect in an imperial stout but with added complexities of cherry bark and various oak barrel blending. An awesome beer to not only age, but also a great one fresh. As fresh, you get a lot more bitterness and roast notes. Buy this beer whenever possible because when its gone, its gone. Drink now. Age some for later and with enough patience you’ll be well rewarded with a world class beer. A+.